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How to Sell Car Parts Online

The car parts market is rapidly changing and entering the online world. In 2019, the industry experienced 16% digital growth. Whether your customers are professional mechanics, hobbyists or the everyday consumer trying out a bit of DIY, every car parts seller needs to be wherever the customer is looking. These days, that is often on a mobile phone. Customers want to use their phone to easily find the parts they need and have it quickly shipped to them.

As an online car parts seller, your challenge is to first make it easy for your customer to find and purchase your listings, and secondly to understand the buying behaviour of a car parts customer. The key is to be aware of and utiles the knowledge and tools that are available to you.

According to eBay, 49% of consumers mistakenly pick up components that are either not compatible with their vehicles or are just the wrong part. We’ve compiled three tips that you should include in any online car part listing in order to ensure that the buyer knows that they are buying the right part. This will reduce any hesitation from customers and maximise sales.


1. Utilise diagrams

Allowing customers to shop by diagrams like the ones you would find in a
Chilton or Haynes manual is a great for those with little or no auto parts knowledge.  Even if a customer doesn’t know the name of a part, they can purchase it by matching the part visually.

There are multiple pieces of software available to get hold of part diagrams and many can be found by searching the part number online.



2. Include part fitment data

Sites such as eBay and Partly allow sellers to easily build a list of vehicles that their parts are compatible with.

Parts fitment allows listings to show up in fitment searches, meaning that more buyers will find your listings. Fitment data also helps buyers know they’re buying the correct part.


3. Create quality listings

By this, we mean: add at least the basic information which the customer will need to see in order to complete a purchase. Images are essential for most customers, very few people will purchase a panel or any external car part without first knowing the aesthetic condition.

Make sure to add a quality description. The more you add about the part, the better the SEO. Often parts a replaced due to a common manufacturer fault. Mentioning this in the listing description will increase the buyer’s confidence that the part you are selling the right one to fix their specific issue.


An additional benefit when selling on Partly is that, if at the end of the day, the customer still has any questions, they can message the seller directly via chat.


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