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Car repairs that you shouldn’t DIY

Kiwis are known for a “yeah, I got this” and “she’ll be alright” attitude. When applied to fixing or modding up a car, there are many benefits; saving costs, environmentally friendly and not to mention, can be quite a bit of fun. Having that said, there are certain repairs or mods that should be left to qualified mechanics; they may be dangerous, or complex that if you’re not experienced enough, you may be worst off than before you started.

However, that same can-do altitude probably means you’ll ignore it and try them anyway, so be careful, and get some advice from someone trusted before carrying it out.

1. Timing Belt
The timing belt wears out and eventually needs to be replaced. It can be quite expensive, so you may be tempted to repair it yourself. However, the timing belt is essential for the engine and may require you to dissemble about half your engine to repair it, which contributes to a high chance of something going wrong.

2. Engine Diagnostics
When the engine light comes on, you may try to diagnose the engine error by yourself. However, there a range of reasons that might cause the engine light to turn on, from insignificant issues to some consequence ones. Furthermore, in more cases than not, the issue is multi-faceted. Unless you have the right equipment, you may misdiagnose it, potentially missing out on an issue, or fixing one that isn’t there.

3. Airbags
– You would think it doesn’t have to be said, but you’ll be surprised.
“Nuff said.

4. Transmission
Lastly, the transmission is complicated, containing thousands of parts, that may affect the rest. Unless you’re familiar with the system or guided by someone who was, we would recommend going to a mechanic.
Furthermore, getting a bit of dirt could potentially destroy the system, costing you a lot more.

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