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Top 10 must-buy new car accessories that make for a better ride

It is still hard for many people getting a new car. But with varieties of brand new budget cars emerging and the support of easy finance schemes, it has become much easier to purchase a new car than a few years ago. If you’re planning to get a new car, then make sure not to miss out on some premium accessories that can make your driving experience super comfortable and easy. So let’s take a quick look at the top 10 new car accessories that every new car buyer must buy.

Car Perfume: No one likes sitting in a car that doesn’t smell good. Especially when you are driving with your beloved ones or guests, it’s better to keep a premium car perfume in your car to keep a fresh and fragrant environment all the time.

Car Organisers: Everyone loves to sit in a car which is always tidy and clean. A premium car organiser with a variety of pockets helps keep your car well organised and clean. Use trays or folders to keep electronic devices, files or even food so that you won’t make a mess in your car.

Car Seat Covers: Buying premium car sear covers is necessary for your new car as they can enhance your comfort, style of your interiors while also keeping your car seats from damage at the same time.

HID Headlights: Misty mornings and nights will cause potential danger to your daily driving when winter is approaching. Thus, using HID headlights is necessary as they are able to enhance the visibility by emitting intense blue-white light.

Car Wiper Blades: Windshield wiper blades can always protect you well during heavy rain days by giving you better visibility, thus it is important to install high quality wiper blades for your new car.

Dash Cam: A dash cam can record every detail that takes place both on the road or inside your car. Thus it is the strongest proof you’ll have to defend yourself in the event of an accident.


Car Sun Shades: You don’t want your car exposed to harmful UV rays in sunny days. To protect your car interiors and create a cosy and comfortable environment in your car, getting a nice pair of car sun shades is your best choice.

Car Mobile Charger: It is bothering when your smartphone is running out of battery when you need it. Well, let’s keep it charged while driving with a car mobile charger which supports fast charging. Then you’ll be able to use GPS on your smartphone to help you drive without any worries.

Car Mobile Holder: Get a car mobile holder in your new car so that you can easily talk over a call or check the GPS without holding your phone in your hand. A car mobile holder is the key to protect you from distraction.

Spare Tires: Spare tyres are invaluable to save you time if you get a flat. They ensure you can drive home safely or go to a place of repair after a flat tyre so that you don’t have to wait for a trailer to rescue you in the middle of the street.

So make sure to buy all these important new car accessories for a joyful and hassle-free ride. Find car accessories and parts on the Partly marketplace.

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