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Car Parts Management Software Comparison

If you are an auto parts seller or car dismantler who is operating a car part business online, there are two things you need to do: find a reliable trading platform where your products can be sold, and find software that can help manage your products with ease.

For online trading, you can either create and manage your own business website, or just simply upload all your products onto a third-party marketplace platform such as eBay or Amazon.

As for car part management, every step of the e-commerce process such as managing orders, online purchasing, shipping, inventory management, accounting, sales… they all can be tedious and annoying, and you may not be able to manage them all by yourself.

This is where car parts management software comes in to help you out. An effective car part management system is key to your business. It can help save your time and make things much easier.

There are many inventory management systems around the world, but few of them focus on car parts only. So we searched around the globe and focused on 6 inventory management system built for the car parts industry: Partspal; Eziparts; Hollander; Rosskecht; SBI Systems; and Breakerpro. We evaluated them based on their features, functionality, and services. Here is what we found.

  1. Partspal

Partspal is the only car parts inventory management system which is cloud-based. There is no download necessary or any additional hard drive space. The system can be accessed online through their website:

Main features:

– Inventory management

Orders, inventory, suppliers and customer data synced and integrated on one system. In that system, business owners can manage their inventory across multiple warehouses in multiple currencies, track orders, manage customer information.

– Customer management

It includes managing store customer contact information; tracking customer activity, purchases and vehicle information; reporting on relationship.

– Integration with ecommerce platforms, websites

Integrate with eBay and their own online car part marketplace — — Partly.

– Accounting

It is realized through integrating with accounting software.

– Reporting

Including reporting data of sales, inventory and customers both on PC and mobile devices.

2. Eziparts

Eziparts ( is a New Zealand-based software that can only be accessed and downloaded through an offline source.

Main features:

– Inventory management

It supports multiple third party parts interchange systems; multiple part numbers for each part; vehicle identification; create image libraries; parts searching.

– Customer management

It includes contact information; billing and account information; track buying, quotes and invoices; email marketing; automated emailing of account statements

– Quotes & invoicing, sales analysis

They operate independent accounting function in their software. All quotes are recorded alongside the customer history and sales analysis reporting can be generated from both quotes and invoices.

– Vehicle acquisition

Customers can manage the purchasing of vehicles: from purchasing details to managing the pickup and towing of the vehicles.

– Freight calculator

– Integration with eBay and SEDA

Other features the software has: calendar, Day Book

3. Hollander

Hollander is a US company that provides solutions to automotive industry.

Hollander Interchange ( is their numbering system that indexes which parts are interchangeable among vehicles based in the US. It sells manuals and business management software for the automotive recycling industry. The manual covers most foreign and domestic cars and light trucks from the 1920s to the present, more than 150 mechanical and body parts and assemblies.

Hollander Parts ( is a website selling auto parts. that covers pricing, mileage, and location information. Customers can select the year, make, and model or enter the VIN to find used auto parts.

Hollander Solutions ( expands Hollander’s business to cover yard management systems, ecommerce solutions, sales & inventory tools, and data.

For yard management system, they offer two products: Powerlink (their own system) and Production Management (extends the functionality).

For ecommerce solutions, they offer 6 platforms (Eden, eLink,, Storefront, PartsNetwork, CoreConnect) working together to help customers access to online car part marketplace (Eden,, integrate to eBay (eLink), help set up online storefront (Storefront), provide insurance adjusters and collision repair centers an automated process for finding, pricing purchasing alternative parts (PartsNetwork), determine the value of Core parts (CoreConnect).

For sales & inventory tools, they provide 7 products (CreditConnect, Eden Pics, PartsView, Move-it, Snap-it, Virtual Shipping Assistant, Wheel and Wheel Cover Manuals)

For data solutions, they have their own Hollander Interchange system.

4. Rossknecht

Rossknecht provides a range of inventory and POS software for windows.

– SY Salvage yard software $695

– IVY Aftermarket Auto Body Parts Software $1200

– SY Heavy Duty Salvage Yard system $1195

– IVY auto parts inventory software and job-shop system $995

– IVY general purpose inventory and POS software $995

5. SBI System

SBI System is an IT group that specialized in developing IMS (Inventory management system) and YMS (Yard management system) in Europe. Services SBI offers includes web design, data migration, consultancy & support, and SEO marketing.

3R Auto Parts is a search engine created by SBI System that only offers car parts information as well as contact information of the car breaker. No transaction involved on the website.

6. Breakerpro

Breakerpro offers inventory management solution for dismantlers that based in UK. Features they have including:

– Inventory management

Add stock, get vehicle information

– Full invoice management

– Automated integration

Automatic publishing and synchronisation of stock to several web platforms, including eBay.

– Reporting dashboard

Analysing stock and sales to discover best sellers, vehicle profit and the best sales channels.

Except for inventory management system, BreakerPro also operate their own online car part marketplace MatchaPart that for used car parts only.

Generally speaking, for most of these car part management system, inventory/stock management is the core feature. Some offer additional services such as accounting management and customer management. The price also varies from system to system, and it even varies between different products within a system. However, you should expect to pay somewhere between ### and ###.

In summary, integrating as many useful features as possible into a handy operating system can really make a piece of software stand out. If you are an auto part seller or dismantler business, we hope this article helps you find the management software that suites you most.

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