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Wheel fitment

Partly has a wheel & tyre fitment system to help you determine whether a wheel or tyre is right for your vehicle.   If you have any doubts about whether a part will fit your car, try googling the part number or refer to the part number of the original part you are replacing. Alternatively, […]

Shipping & Delivery

How are shipping fees calculated Shipping costs are calculated based on the order weight and dimensions. Our approved shipping providers calculate the delivery cost based on the address you provide and the shipping origin of the seller. Shipping is calculated in the cart checkout process once all items have been added to the order and […]

How do I know a part will fit?

We recognise that one of the most important details when buying a car part is the confidence that the part will fit your vehicle. We’ve built this into the core of the Partly platform by ensuring that parts are as complete with fitment information, part numbers and vehicle compatibility data. You can filter for parts […]

Buying Basics

We are a marketplace. Partly does not sell any items directly.  We’re a platform which connects buyers and sellers. Car parts are sold by stores which are verified by us and are held to a high standard. Chat with sellers If you have any questions about a particular item, you can chat with the seller […]

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