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Creating parts with fitment information

Step 1. Download the templates First, go here: Under “Export options” click “Download” -> “General CSV Download” This contains all your listings.   Under “Vehicle fitments” download the following CSV files: PCDB Parts CSV – This is the “Part Configuration Database” or Categories list Partly use Base Vehicles CSV – This is the master […]

Accepting Payments

Partly Payments Partly Payments are powered by Stripe. This means that your store will be able to accept credit card and debit card payments from your customers. How does it work? When purchasing a product, customers will make their payment using their credit/debit card through a secure payment portal. Their payment will then be processed […]

Selling Basics – How to sell on Partly

Partly is a dedicated platform for car parts buyer and sellers. To sell on Partly, a PartsPal account is needed. PartsPal is a cloud-based inventory management system for car part sellers of all types and sizes. PartsPal offers integrated e-commerce, warehouse management and financial reporting. Use PartsPal to help manage sales, inventory, customer data and […]

Photo Guidelines

We aim to keep our website clean and uniform to maintain a pleasant experience for our users. Therefore, we have photo guidelines for anyone posting a product photo. You may upload your photos in either JPG, PNG or GIF, but our preferred format is JPG file. Your photos must be a minimum of 500 pixels […]

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