Why vehicle fitment data is such a big challenge for auto part business ?

Basically, there are two main challenges that automotive ecommerce merchandises are currently facing: managing data and provide online vehicle fitment check system. There are tons of vehicle data and replacement parts data need to be dealt with in either daily transactions or inventory management. For vehicles, there are vin numbers and YMM (year, manufacture and […]

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Car Parts Management Software Comparison

If you are an auto parts seller or car dismantler who is operating a car part business online, there are two things you need to do: find a reliable trading platform where your products can be sold, and find software that can help manage your products with ease. For online trading, you can either create […]

Digital growth of global aftermarket auto parts and New Zealand

    Globally, technological advancements and digitization are bringing drastic revolutions in the entire automotive and aftermarket industries. On one hand, the digital revolution has led a change in consumer behaviour. The customers of today look for quality digital experiences that make their lives simpler and more efficient. Digital channels have gained increasing influence in [&helli...

Car repairs that you shouldn’t DIY

Kiwis are known for a “yeah, I got this” and “she’ll be alright” attitude. When applied to fixing or modding up a car, there are many benefits; saving costs, environmentally friendly and not to mention, can be quite a bit of fun. Having that said, there are certain repairs or mods that should be left […]

How to Sell Car Parts Online

The car parts market is rapidly changing and entering the online world. In 2019, the industry experienced 16% digital growth. Whether your customers are professional mechanics, hobbyists or the everyday consumer trying out a bit of DIY, every car parts seller needs to be wherever the customer is looking. These days, that is often on […]

Top tips for repairing your car: 8 fixes you can do yourself

Repairing your own car can be something that many people feel hesitant about. While some repairs should be left to a qualified mechanic or an experienced repairman, there are things which, without too much effort, can be learnt to be done yourself. Save time, money and gain a bit of experience along the way by […]

5 Secrets Mechanics Use To Fix Their Car: You Can Too

Car maintenance can sneak up on you. You buy the car, you use the car, you come to depend on it, and the idea that it could suddenly become one big problem fades into the background. It’s easy to forget about the little things, and easier still to put off those looming repairs till they […]

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