What is Partly?

Partly is a dedicated marketplace designed to help car dismantlers bring their car parts online and connect them with buyers across the globe. We do this through bleeding edge technology designed to make it simple for car enthusiasts to purchase online instantly. 

We’re a team dedicated to making the process of buying and selling car parts simple.

Why choose Partly?

Partly brings billions of car parts currently sitting in warehouses, wreckers’ yards and old websites onto one platform, and, using our matching algorithm, connects buyers across the globe with the specific parts they need. Buyers can easily compare prices to know they aren’t getting ripped off and purchase instantly without having to phone multiple vehicle dismantlers.

How do I sell on Partly?

Car part sellers can register to sell on Partly by registering as a store. If you already have a database, inventory or list of car parts, we may be able to help you bring these onto the Partly marketplace. We’ll work with you to ensure that setting up as a seller is seamless and easy for you to manage.

What are the delivery/shipping options?

Partly is an online marketplace which means that multiple different sellers use the platform to sell their parts. This means that delivery times can vary between sellers. However, the delivery options for a product are available to be viewed on each listing.

How do payments work?

Partly Payments are powered by Stripe. All major credit card companies are accepted including Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

Buyers are not charged any transaction or success fees. Any fees are charged to the seller.

For sellers, Stripe handles all payment security and detection of fraudulent transactions.  Funds from an order are deposited into your connected account and can be withdrawn after 4 working days.

Where are the parts on Partly located?

As Partly is an online marketplace, multiple sellers list and sell on the platform. Parts may be located in any area but this can be viewed on the listing page.

How do I ask questions about a listing or order?

If you have questions about a particular order you have made or a listing on the Partly marketplace, we recommend contacting the seller first through the platform. If you have any trouble making contact with a particular seller, contact us.

Partly. Where car enthusiasts buy and sell parts.