Policies: Selling

1. Partly’s Fees

The fees for Sellers charged by Partly are as follows: All fees are listed in New Zealand Dollars unless otherwise stated. We keep our fees simple.

A  success fee between 6-12% is charged to the seller when an item is purchased. This is a commission taken from the total price of the listing. We include transaction fees and credit card processing fees within this to keep our fees simple and easy.

Partly does not charge fees to list, high volume listing fees or subscription fees.

2. Avoiding Partly’s Fees
It is strictly prohibited for users to avoid our fees. This includes:

  • Abusing Partly chat system or other methods to encourage the buyer to purchase an item from your Partly account through another venue, with the intent of avoiding our success fees.
  • Using your images or storefront posts to promote or direct users to other online selling venues.
  • Closing a listing after a transaction has been initiated, and completing it outside of the Partly website.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate an account if we determine that a user is violating this policy.

3. Shipping Policy

Sellers are responsible for shipping their sold products to buyers unless the buyer opts to pick up. The sellers must specify the shipping cost and ensure that the shipping cost stated is within reason when listing an item. When an item purchase is confirmed, the sellers must ship the purchases promptly.

We require Sellers to provide proof of shipping in the event that an order does not arrive. This way, the Sellers will be able to verify that the item was shipped and sent to the correct address provided by the buyer. To verify that you have shipped within the time frame allowed, you will be required to enter the tracking number or otherwise confirm that the item has been shipped. This confirmation may be referenced in the future if the buyer disputes the shipment.

4. Return Shipping Policy

Sellers are required to pay for return shipping if their item:

  • Is defective.
  • Doesn’t match description or photos.
  • Has missing parts.

If the item arrives damaged, the sellers are required to negotiate with the shipping company to reach a resolution.

5. Refund/Replacement Policy
All sellers on Partly are required to offer a full refund or replacement to a buyer if the item sold:

  • is not of acceptable quality (is defected, has missing parts, is damaged etc);
  • does not match the description or photos on the listing.

All sellers on Partly must follow the guidelines and guarantees set out in the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act.

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